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The Edwards Family Interdisciplinary Center for Complex Pain

We are an interdisciplinary program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital offering whole-person care to children and adolescents with complex pain, along with their families.

Mission and values

The Edwards Family Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex Pain (CCP) is a clinical, educational and research interdisciplinary team. The CCP has developed strong partnerships with patients, families and community partners to increase access to care and ensure a seamless transition of care. We are focused on innovation to provide better clinical outcomes; improve quality, access and safety of care provided, and manage the available resources with efficiency.

The centre’s values include:

  • The patient is the most valuable team member
  • Partnership with patients and families
  • Patient and Family Centeredness
  • We never give up on our patients
  • Individualize treatments
  • Innovation in research and treatments

Who we are and what we do

Instead of being seen by many specialties separately, the interdisciplinary model used in our Centre gathers together in the same room the doctor, the nurse, the physiotherapist, the psychologist, the social worker, the patient and family member(s) to discuss the best treatment plan together. This approach has been shown to be very successful in treating complex pain.

Goals and treatment programs

Interdisciplinary complex pain programs look at patients and their lives as a whole. We work towards improving physical and psychological function, stabilizing sleep and social function, increasing activity levels and managing pain.

Duration of treatment programs

Participation in complex pain treatment programs can range from weeks to months, and can occasionally last for years. Because of this fact, we regularly adapt to the current situation of patients and their families, and the availability of therapy options.

Patient involment is key

For best results, it is essential that complex pain patients take an active role in their care, to understand and learn coping strategies to self-manage their pain, and encourage positive behaviours to reduce pain and disability. The interdisciplinary team wishes to empower you!

Long-term improvements demonstrated from interdisciplinary program interventions for pediatric complex pain include reduction in pain intensity, in emotional distress and in disability.

The interdisciplinary team also regularly collaborates with consultants from other specialties such as Surgery, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Urology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Radiology. We perform sensory evaluations that contribute personalized information to guide treatment plans. We know each case is unique and our goal is to develop, with our patients and families, tailored treatment programs to help our patients thrive.