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My story started on January 1, 2020. It has been a long journey since that day. I write this story 3
years later, I am now seventeen years old.

It first started with a sudden intense lower abdominal pain that was limiting my quality of life. After multiple ER visits, I was taken over by the chronicpain clinic to investigate furthermore and to help me manage my pain. It was up and down for almost a year with no perfect cure but I had a team that was behind me and who were giving me support. At the end of 2020, I received a new GI diagnostic that was limiting me from eating solid food. At that point things were going downhill, I felt alone, scared and stressed and my mental health got really affected too. I then had to be hospitalized for two months in a psych ward but I knew that my physical state needed to be looked over. After I went back home with a little bit of relief mentally, I started to fight back again and was now better able to cope with my general conditions.

Several years passed, multiple visits to the ER and 3 surgeries added on along the way. I had to
do home school for a few months, with no friends, no activities, no work, just me and my family.
Again, a new diagnostic for my GI issues; but throughout all of that, I never lost hope that we would find a way to help me. That said, I’m now at the point where I don’t have to rely on the pain centre for support but I still need to find some cure for all of my GI issues which take up more space in my life right now. By the time you read this I will have undergone a new surgery in hope for a cure or a new quality of life.

I want to thank Dr. Ingelmo and his team (Rebecca, Nathalie and fellows), Dr. Poenaru, Dr.
Sant’Anna and all of the nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and teachers that have helped
me move along and keep on going. My journey is not over but I am resilient and hopeful that
there is light at the end of this story.

Sarah's Story
Sarah's Story
Hello! My name is Nathan, I am 11 years old and this is my story. The Pain Centre helped me regain my stamina. They where helpful and they have the best lasagna 🙂 Every one is so nice, I felt so much better. Now I can play soccer and I can wake board and I have a much better sleep. They helped me make my own toolbox so that when I’m in pain I know what to do.
Nathan's Story